Electronic Warfare - Solutions and Testing

The department offers a variety of solutions: upgrade of green or after-market aircraft (focus on helicopters) with electronic warfare (EW) and self-protection systems. It offers the state-off-art EW Sensor Testing and countermeasure dispenser testing products....

Center: Center Products (RSP)
Center activities: Electronic Warfare Self-Protection Solutions
Electronic Warfare Sensor Testing Products
Electronic Warfare Dispenser Testing Products
Center competences: Product Lifecycle Management, System Engineering, Hardware and Software Development, Project Management, Production, Sales and After Sales
We are interested in cooperation with partners active in the following fields: 

Manufacturer and Designer of Aircraft

Acting as Partner for Self-Protection Upgrades
Acting as Re-Seller, Distributor for our Products

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Proposal Information

Introduction of product or service
EW Self-Protection Solutions:
Upgrade of green or after-market aircraft (focus on helicopters) with Electronic Warfare/Self-Protection Systems (i.e. Radar Warning Systems, Laser Warning Systems, Missile Approach Warning Systems, and Pyrotechnic Countermeasures or Directed Energy Countermeasures)

EW Testing Products:
RUAG offers state-off-the-art EW Sensor Testing and Countermeasure Dispenser Testing products.

TRL-Level (product) or performance record (service)
TRL 9. Active product lifecycle management in place, upgrades and new products in pipeline (i.e. TRL 3…7/8).

Our Offset offering

  • Support aircraft OEM in acquiring upgrade projects with low number of aircraft, including execution of complete aircraft upgrades.
  • Provide state-off-the-art test equipment at attractive conditions. Beware System OEMs of investments in own equipment. Integrate test equipment into OEMs packages offered to customers.

Target group
Aircraft OEMs, System OEMs, and key end-customers

Possible export market / scope / volume
Global, TBD

Proposed form of partnership
Partner or prime/sub for aircraft upgrades; re-seller, distributor for products

Our requirements / request to enter partnership (components / technology)
None for standard products; Specific market requirements for potential adaption of the product portfolio

Definition of foreground & background intellectual property (IP)
All products are currently RUAG IP; Specific adaption of products may be shared IP

ITAR relevant consideration
Current products are none-ITAR. Future adaptions and specific US products may be
considered separately