Guided Missiles

Final assembly, testing and maintenance, repair and overhaul of guided air-to-air and ground-to-air missiles....

Center: Center Products (RSP)
Center activities: Guided Missile (Air-to-Air, Ground-to-Air) Assembly and MRO
Center competences: Final Assembly, Testing, MRO, Ammunition Control
We are interested in cooperation with partners active in the following fields: 

Manufacturer and Designer of Aircraft

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Proposal Information

Introduction of product or service
Final Assembly, Testing and Maintenance/Repair/Overhaul of guided air-to-air and
ground-to-air Missiles

TRL-Level (product) or performance record (service)
Running contracts with Swiss and US governments for MRO on AIM-9P/-9X Sidewinder and AIM-120C AMRAAM as well as Stinger MANPADS.

Our Offset offering
European Service Center for missile MRO and final assembly. Specific facilities available in Switzerland.

Target group
Aircraft OEMs and Missile OEMs

Possible export market / scope / volume
Global, TBD

Proposed form of partnership
Partner or prime/sub for final assembly and Maintenance, repair and overhaul

Our requirements / request to enter partnership (components / technology)

Definition of foreground & background intellectual property (IP)
IP usually with Missile OEMs.

ITAR relevant consideration
Situation for specific US contracts may be considered separately.