Services and maintenance of helicopters in the military and civilian sector....

Center: RUAG Helicopter Center
Eichistrasse 13
6055 Alpnach
Center activities:
  • Maintenance / Repair / Overhaul (MRO) for many types of helicopters of major OEM’s
  • Dynamic components MRO of Super Puma & Cougar helicopters
  • Helicopter completion center and system upgrade projects in collaboration with RUAG Engineering Center - Design Organization
  • Aircraft and component painting
  • Ballistic protection upgrades
  • System support & consulting
  • Maintenance Check Flights (MCFs) & MCF training
Center competences:
  • Line maintenance, troubleshooting and periodical inspections
  • Service center for Airbus Helicopters, Leonardo Helicopters, Sikorsky, Bell Textron and MD Helicopters
  • Major inspections and incorporation of modifications and customer options
  • Retrofit and upgrades
  • Engine troubleshooting and borescope investigations
  • Dynamic component depot level repair, overhaul, and test for AS332/532 platforms
  • Blade inspection and repair
  • Training according customer's needs
  • Fleet Management & sub-contracting CAMO
We are interested in a cooperation with partners active in the following fields:
  • Manufacturers and designers of aircraft
  • MRO on Dynamic Components up to depot level
  • Completion centre for special customer requirements (new A/C purchase at OEM)
  • Helicopter modification & upgrades
  • Integration of para-public or military mission equipment (FLIR, SAR, DVE-Systems)
  • System support and technical consulting
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Proposal Information


  • Airbus Helicopter
    approved Maintenance and Repair Center
    approved Customer Service Center
  • Bell Textron
    approved CSF
  • Leonardo / Agusta
    Service Center
  • Turbomeca
    Repair Center
  • ISO 9001 AQAP 2110
  • EASA Part 145
  • EASA Part 21
  • EN 9100

Type Ratings for Helicopter MRO as EASA Part 145 Maintenance Organisation

Airbus Helicopters:

  • H215/ AS332 / AS532 (Mark 1)
  • AS365 N-N3
  • H135/ EC135 / 635
  • H130/ EC130
  • H125/ AS350 B-B3
  • H120/ EC120

Leonardo Helicopters

  •  AW139

Bell Textron

  • Bell 505
  • Bell 429


  • S76 Series

MD Helicopters

  • MD 500/600
  • MD Explorer / MD 900

Our Offset offering
Helicopter Services

Target group

  • Helicopter OEM’s to source dynamic component MRO services incl. Blades on types tbd
  • Helicopter OEMs to source RUAG completion centre services for new helicopters.
  • Helicopter Owner / Operators (ref. type ratings pt. 2) which require helicopter MRO services.
  • Helicopter Owner / Operators (all helicopter types) which require upgrades / modifications
  • Helicopter Owner / Operators of Super Puma / Cougar AS332/AS532 for dynamic component MRO

Possible export market / scope / volume
RDND activities are limited to Switzerland.

Proposed form of partnership

Our requirements / request to enter partnership (components / technology)

Definition of foreground & background intellectual property (IP)

ITAR relevant consideration
ITAR regulations affects Projects with Military Avionics