Modular Launcher Avionics

Complete and highly reliable Launcher Avionics at a competitive price level...

RUAG Space has vast experiences in Launcher Avionics, currently providing the Computer for all operational European Launcher. 

This together with our extensive product portfolio for Satellite Avionics gives us a good position provide Launcher Avionics for our customers. We are now teaming up with strong partners to offer the entire Launcher Avionics System for medium to large launch vehicles.

Our solution is named Modular Launcher Avionics and is based on a modular concept which allows us to scale the avionics for different types of launcher architectures and sizes. The foundation is a common bus network connecting a number of modular units populated with standard boards.

The possibility for extensive reuse and synergies between different launchers together with the use of automotive components allows the Modular Launcher Avionics to provide a very cost effective solution together with the quality and reliability RUAG Space is known for.


Annalena Johansson
Marketing and Sales Manager, Computers & Systems
T: +46 734 22 41 33