Center: RUAG Defence/ NEO-ARANEA
Stauffacherstrasse 65
3000 Bern 22 (Switzerland)
Center activities: Center of Competence for tactical communication @ RUAG.
RUAG ARANEA Communication Expert Product Portfolio (Network Nodes, Applications & Services)
Mobile and stationary Solutions on all levels of the TK infrastructure.
Center competences:

Communication and Data System Engineering (Voice & Data Applications), Hardware and Software Development, System Integration, Consulting in tactical Solutions/Projects, Project Management, Prototyping, Production, Sales and After Sales, MRO/ILS Services

We are interested in cooperation with partners active in the following fields: 
  • TK solution providers
  • vehicle manufacturers (NVGA)
  • Radio and intercomm manufacturers
  • C2/ C4 solution providers (e.g. BMS)
  • Securiyt Solution (Cyber)


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Proposal Information

Introduction of product or service

Tactical Communication Devices:

  • mobile on vehicles [TVS]
  • stationary communication solutions [TAN]

Software solutions for:

  • Tactical Voice Integration [TTEL]
  • Enhanced Radio Bridge [RadioBridge]
  • Tactical Routing across low-bandwidth disruptive networks

Hosting for BMS/ Telephony etc. solutions:

TRL-Level (product) or performance record (service)
TRL 9. Active product lifecycle management in place, 
upgrades and new products in pipeline (i.e. TRL 3…7/8).
Troop and Field proven solution national, international & NATO

Our Indirect-Offset offering
Production of tactical routing devices.
Solution engineering for TK systems.
Solution engineering for NVGA systems.
MRO for communication electronics.

Target group
Radio and intercom manufacturers.
BMS System providers.
Vehicle Platform providers/manufacturers.
Military vehicle manufacturers

Possible export market / scope / volume
Global, TBD

Proposed form of partnership
Partner or prime/sub for system initial production, modification and upgrades

Our requirements / request to enter partnership (components / technology)
None for standard products; specific market requirements for potential adaption of the product portfolio

Definition of foreground & background intellectual property (IP)
All products are currently RUAG IP; specific adaption of products may be shared IP

ITAR relevant consideration