• 14.09.2021
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With the 10th OneWeb launch RUAG Space placed more than 1000 satellites

With the separation of the latest 34 OneWeb satellites RUAG Space placed more than 1000 satellites in space....

On Tuesday, September 14, another 34 OneWeb internet satellites have been separated from the Soyuz launch vehicle and placed in orbit with a dispenser from RUAG Space. With this, the Swiss-based space supplier has successfully placed 1031 satellites in orbit, exceeding the landmark of 1000 satellite separations. “When it comes to satellite separations we are leading the market for commercial launch vehicles. Successfully deploying more than 1000 satellites in orbit underlines our leading position in this field and especially in the fast-growing New Space and constellation market,” says Holger Wentscher, Vice President Program Launchers at RUAG Space. We can offer a 100% success rate and are able to meet customer expectations in the extreme environment of space.

“We meet customer expectations in extreme environment”
The separation systems from RUAG Space are being produced at its site in Linköping, Sweden. The 34 OneWeb satellites were launched with a separation system on a dispenser manufactured by RUAG Space. Holger Wentscher: “Our separation systems ensure that satellite and rocket remain securely attached to one another during the tough journey into space, and then deliver the valuable payloads into orbit with precision.” The dispenser system makes it possible to separate multiple satellites at a time in a specific sequence in order to get exactly the right orbit.

Separation systems for all large launch vehicles in the world
RUAG Space is the world leader for satellite separation systems for commercial launch vehicles. All of the more than 1000 satellite separations have been carried out with a 100 percent success rate. They are the result of an advanced position in the commercial space industry and a long and trusted collaboration with NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA).

About RUAG Space
RUAG Space is the leading supplier to the space industry in Europe, and has a growing presence in the United States. Around 1,300 employees across six countries (Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, Germany, USA and Finland) develop and manufacture products for satellites and launch vehicles—for both the institutional and commercial space market. RUAG Space is part of RUAG International, a Swiss technology group, which is divided into four divisions: Space, Aerostructures, MRO International and Ammotec. Visit www.ruag.com/space, or view our RUAG Space product portfolio video: https://youtu.be/qNbSjUdlXxQ

To learn more about the OneWeb launch, visit: https://www.arianespace.com/mission/soyuz-flight-st35/

More about satellite separation systems from RUAG Space: https://www.ruag.com/en/products-services/space/launchers/adapters-separation-systems

Image 1: In 2020 the Swedish space minister Matilda Ernkrans went on top of a RUAG Space dispenser in Linköping. Copyright: RUAG Space, Hejdlösa. Download:

Image 2: Swedish space minister Matilda Ernkrans with the around 5 meters high dispensers from RUAG Space at the production hall in Linköping. Copyright: RUAG Space, Hejdlösa. Download:

Image 3: RUAG Space dispenser for OneWeb. A team of RUAG Space engineers supported during final works at the Russian spaceport in Vostochny in June 2021. Copyright: Copyright: © Dhelft, Arianespace. Download:

Animation and videos
Animation of the placement of OneWeb satellites. Copyright: RUAG Space. To view the video, visit: https://youtu.be/0fYTVImKGXk
Video of the separation of OneWeb satellites with the RUAG Space dispenser. Copyright: Arianespace. To view the video, visit: https://youtu.be/twTcenz8VVY?t=8120
Video showing how society benefits from RUAG Space products: https://youtu.be/gWRzl2ByvRA

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Web: www.ruag.com/space
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