• 03.05.2017
  • Space
  • Media release

Ariane 5 ready to lift-off again – with significant contribution from RUAG Space

Both mechanical and electronic parts have been provided for rocket and payload.

Both for the Ariane 5 rockets, as well as for its payload – the Koreasat-7 satellite – RUAG Space has supplied a broad range of products that will contribute to the mission success. The launch is scheduled for Thursday, 04 May (from 10.31pm CET) from Kourou, French Guiana.

The Ariane 5 rocket will carry RUAG Space’s payload fairing No. 236, manufactured in Switzerland. In addition, the central computer that will steer the rocket has been provided by the Swedish Gothenburg site. It is the 451st computer provided by RUAG Space, as well as number 452 as a back-up.

Additionally, RUAG Space provided the adapter and separation system – to link the payload to the rocket. This will be the in-orbit separation No 616 for the company.

On top of that, the Korean communication satellite Koreasat-7 will carry 1 Ka-band antenna and 5 Ku-band antennas to provide beacon, telemetry, and command communication functions during the launch and transfer orbit phases, as well as on station in geostationary orbit.

Koreasat-7 will provide Internet access, multimedia, broadcasting and fixed communications services for Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia and India.

RUAG’s payload adapters and separation systems are designed and manufactured in Linköping, Sweden