• 03.11.2017
  • Air, Land, Group
  • Media release

Handover of keys to new surface treatment building in Emmen

RUAG Aerostructures has today received the keys for the extension to Building 7 – located in Emmen (CH) and due to house a surface treatment facility – from RUAG Real Estate. In the future, aircraft components measuring up to 7 metres in length will be galvanised, painted and checked for cracks in this building. The investment in the building and facilities is CHF 23 million.

Hans Rudolf Hauri, Chairman of the Executive Board of RUAG Real Estate, today handed over the keys of the new Building 7 to Dr. Alexander Toussaint, CEO RUAG Aerostructures. The building’s surface area is 2,700 m2 with a volume of 32,000 m3. The total investment in the building and its facilities is CHF 23 million. The project involved extending the existing building to house the new surface treatment facility and making changes to the existing building to include a new paint shop. Associated offices, meeting rooms and staff rooms were also created.

The surface treatment facility completes RUAG Aerostructures’ expertise in single-item production in Emmen, thereby expanding its ability to assemble complex structures at the Oberpfaffenhofen site (DE). “The new facility underscores our commitment to be counted among the leading suppliers in Europe as well as worldwide in terms of quality, delivery and productivity”, explained Alexander Toussaint, CEO of RUAG Aerostructures. RUAG Aerostructures produces structural components at the Emmen and Oberpfaffenhofen sites for notable aircraft manufacturers, such as Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Pilatus.

Fully automated processes and efficient production

The surface treatment facility, including its water and waste water treatment plant, will be installed in the northern extension of Building 7, while the paint shop will be in the existing part. Both the crack-checking facility and the paint shop in the surface treatment facility can pre-treat and coat parts up to 7 metres long, 2.3 metres high and 1 metre deep, operating with two or three shifts. Only a very few suppliers in the world are capable of producing components of this size.

Investment in the Emmen industrial park

RUAG has invested considerable amounts in the Emmen site in recent years. In addition to various restoration and maintenance projects, the standout recipients of investment include the extension of the bonding workshop (around CHF 5 million) and the new part of Building 8 (around CHF 11 million) in 2010/2011, the new part of Building 9 (around CHF 18 million) in 2014/2015 and a new aircraft painting building (around CHF 9 million) in 2016.

Dr. Alexander Toussaint, CEO RUAG Aerostructures; Hans Rudolf Hauri, RUAG Real Estate