• 19.05.2021
  • Air, Land, Group
  • Media release

No evidence of a hack

Swiss television program "Rundschau" (SRF) voices numerous accusations against RUAG International on 19.05.2021. Below, the company comments on the most important points:...

  • We have no evidence of a hack of RUAG International's network. Nor is there any evidence that folders containing confidential documents were accessed. The footage we have of the Rundschau is not conclusive proof of effective access for our IT experts. These are very serious allegations. We call on Rundschau to share all details about this alleged hack with us and the Reporting and Analysis Center for Information Assurance (MELANI). We are open and invite an independently appointed IT security expert to validate the possible hacking scenario.
  • RUAG International is investigating the information provided and takes it very seriously. The company is currently analyzing the information in a task force, will implement appropriate measures if necessary and will continue to invest in prevention and raising employee awareness. The company also reserves the right to file criminal charges.
  • Our systems are protected according to the latest findings and are actively aligned with the growing requirements and threats.
  • RUAG MRO Switzerland and RUAG International have been organizationally separate since the beginning of 2020. This first decisive step in the unbundling of the two companies was completed with the IT cutover (controlled transfer of IT to operations) in May 2020. In a second work step, the Technical and Scientific Infrastructure (TWI) will be replaced, RUAG Real Estate will be unbundled and the data between RUAG's two subholdings will be cleansed in an orderly manner. The follow-up work still to be undertaken has started seamlessly; the owner will be regularly informed about this.
  • RUAG International has a complete overview of connections to other networks. RUAG International also maintains and documents its own data inventory of all applications, including classification.
  • RUAG International continues to work to a small extent for military-related customers or suppliers; this data is classified accordingly and stored in a protected manner.

The complete questions posed by Rundschau and the comprehensive answers provided by RUAG International and RUAG MRO Switzerland in this regard are available at this link (German only).