• 12.02.2017
  • Air, Land, Group
  • Media release

Position statement: SonntagsZeitung, 12 February 2017

A critical article appeared in the SonntagsZeitung on 12 February 2017 about RUAG's cooperation with Inovex in connection with simulators for the UAE. RUAG would like to state the following facts:...

Inovex is remunerated by RUAG on the basis of a clearly defined schedule of services. RUAG checks the conformity of the services provided on an ongoing basis and regularly adapts the contracts in line with RUAG's requirements. An investigation of Inovex which RUAG commissioned a specialist third-party company to undertake did not reveal any indications of criminal activities, corruption, legal proceedings or lawsuits filed against the company, its subsidiaries or governing bodies.

Last year's investigation by the Swiss Federal Audit Office also did not reveal any transgressions by RUAG in respect of corruption or export controls, either in Switzerland or abroad.

Finally, SECO also recently confirmed that the RUAG activities in the UAE referred to in the article are compliant with goods control legislation and that all the necessary permits for the export of simulator equipment and the performance of services have been obtained by RUAG.

RUAG is aware that certain areas of its business are sensitive, and thus continually takes steps to ensure full compliance with Swiss laws and international rules both within Switzerland and worldwide.

RUAG tolerates no corruption, and rejects any type of behaviour whatsoever that is corrupt or which damages the group. RUAG expects that all staff members and business partners will comply with rules and regulations. This applies both to the provision of services and also to national and especially to the international marketing of products.