• 08.01.2015
  • Space, Air, Land, Group
  • Media release

Reorganization of RUAG Aerostructures' Emmen site.

The RUAG Aerostructures division's Emmen site is being strategically realigned and adapted to meet current and future market conditions. In addition to various modifications to processes, some HR measures are also necessary. The employee representatives have been notified of the planned measures. The employees concerned will be informed about their situation personally by the end of January....

The focus of the reorganization is to secure the site in the long term through a healthy, sustainable cost structure. The anticipated fall in sales due to expiring orders and the new strategic focus on civil aviation programmes require us to concentrate in future on our core competencies of machining, sheet metal processing, surface treatment and assembly.

Following intense discussions with the other divisions and the employee representatives, some employees have been offered alternative positions within RUAG. Despite the internal transfers and a restrictive hiring policy, the necessary reorganization will result in 15-20 terminations of employment by the employer for business-related reasons. The employees affected will receive active support from an internal Job Centre to help them find a new position.

This strategic realignment will further strengthen the core competencies at the Emmen site to become more competitive on an international market. Existing and new orders being carried out in Emmen on behalf of the RUAG Aerostructures Airbus programmes in Oberpfaffenhofen will ensure the basic workload for the restructured Emmen site over the next few years. The measures initiated will enable the RUAG Aerostructures division's Emmen site to operate competitively and acquire new orders.