• 31.05.2016
  • Space, Group
  • Media release

RUAG acquires the whole of HTS – expansion of market position in Germany

The RUAG Space division of the international technology group RUAG has acquired the whole of HTS, a German technology company located near Dresden. This means that all five divisions of the RUAG Group now have their own development or production site in Germany....

RUAG has already held a stake in HTS (Hoch Technologie Systeme GmbH) for over 15 years. The international technology group operating in the fields of aerospace and defence has now acquired all shares in the company in Saxony, thus becoming its sole owner. In organizational terms, HTS will be integrated into the RUAG Space division. RUAG will take over all of HTS's employees, including the management board.

HTS currently has 32 employees. Founded in 1996, the company specializes in development and engineering services as well as the manufacture of customized mechanical products for the aerospace industry. HTS has over 20 years' experience in space projects and was involved in the German Champ and Grace satellite missions to explore the Earth's gravitational field, for example. The competencies and products of HTS and RUAG complement each other to a large extent.

 "HTS gives us better access to the German space market and brings us closer to some of our most important customers", explains Urs Breitmeier, CEO of RUAG. The greater Dresden area is an attractive location for RUAG, which enjoys excellent links with well-known universities, research institutions, high-performing SMEs and a well-qualified workforce, according to the CEO. "Over the past few years, RUAG has successfully integrated a number of medium-sized German companies into the Group's international growth strategy. Our development and production activities at seven sites in Germany create a local value chain."

 "We see RUAG's involvement with HTS as an acknowledgement of our employees' excellent performance, as well as an incentive and challenge for our future activities. It strengthens us within the company and opens up new external opportunities", according to Wolfgang Göhler, Manager of HTS.

RUAG intends to expand HTS's space business in particular. RUAG Space and HTS are already working together in the areas of engineering and manufacturing. In the future they plan to collaborate on the development of new products, such as sensors and trigger mechanisms for the space industry, as well as products used in other areas.