• 27.04.2017
  • Land, Group
  • News flash

RUAG and the Swiss armed forces present first-class live training to international media

In partnership with the Swiss armed forces, RUAG yesterday invited the national and international media to its Combat Training Centre in Bure in the canton of Jura. As well as a presentation on technologies and logistics, the visitors also watched a live training exercise in house-to-house combat. ...

The Combat Training Centre in Bure, which RUAG has been running for ten years as an infrastructure and technology partner, is one of Europe’s most modern military exercise grounds with 32 buildings on the main site, 60 combat and 140 other military vehicles.

Keynote speeches by Urs Breitmeier, CEO of the RUAG Group, Markus Zoller, CEO of the RUAG Defence division, and General Staff Colonel Ronald Drexel introduced the guests to the programme. Security expert and member of the RUAG Advisory Board Alexandre Vautravers held a keynote speech entitled “Force Readiness in Europe: How Many, How Fast?”.

During the event, media representatives had the opportunity to learn about the entire organisation and networked technological systems and to watch a tactically, acoustically and visually impressive live training exercise by an armoured brigade. This was followed by an example of an after-action review demonstrating how multimedia recordings can be used to closely analyse and optimise the training exercises.