• 20.05.2014
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RUAG Aviation delivers GTN 650 upgrade

RUAG Aviation is now officially certified to upgrade the Garmin GNS 430 GPS system to the advanced GTN 650 touchscreen system on all EASA-registered Airbus Helicopters EC 120 platforms....

This modern upgrade places a wealth of innovative new features and capabilities at the fingertips of pilots and operators of the EC 120. The GTN 650’s larger, fuller TFT LCD display and intuitive touchscreen interface provides a clear overview, thus improving safety, simplifying operation and reducing cockpit workload.

RUAG Aviation can also perform the installation of the GTN 650 during a helicopter’s regular scheduled maintenance, ensuring that no additional downtime is required. No mechanical cockpit modifications are required to accommodate the GTN 650, which is the same physical size as the GNS 430 it replaces. An optional remote transponder further increases the available panel space.

“Entirely new levels of utility are afforded by the integration of this advanced GPS, especially in the areas of graphical flight planning, systems management and GPS guidance,” says Stephan Woodtli, General Manager of RUAG Aviation’s facility in Lugano. “We are committed to assuring high availability and flexible pricing for our customers, in order to make the upgrade process as convenient and comfortable as possible.”