• 21.08.2019
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RUAG has two passes for WorldSkills in Russia

​​​​​​​Two rising young RUAG talents will be competing at WorldSkills in Russia, pitting themselves against leading professionals from around the world. Lukas Muth trained at EFZ as a polymechanic CNC lathe operator, while Simon Herzog is an EFZ-trained designer. Both won gold medals at the SwissSkills 2018 awards, which qualifies them to compete in Kazan, Russia. ...

This is the sixth consecutive year that former RUAG apprentices will have taken part in the WorldSkills Competition. The company's ongoing success with trainees is built on a structured model of support for our 400-plus apprentices and the formation of a dedicated Swiss Selection team.

As gold medal winners at the SwissSkills event held in Berne in autumn 2018, Lukas Muth and Simon Herzog automatically received tickets for WorldSkills 2019 in Kazan. The two young men from Lucerne will compete alongside around 1,500 participants from 77 different countries and 50 different skills between 23 and 27 August. The former RUAG apprentices are part of the 41-strong team of young Swiss professionals who are travelling to the Russian city on the River Volga that is home to 1.2 million people. Tension will be high on the evening of 27 August, which is the date of the prize-giving and closing ceremony. RUAG will be following our two contestants' progress via LinkedIn, posting photos and news from Kazan.

Intensive preparations

The materials for Russia were loaded up at the RUAG site in Emmen back in late July. A total of 9,000 components weighing just under 10 tonnes travelled the 3,500 kilometres to Kazan. Simon Herzog and Lukas Muth will only find out what their tasks are fifteen minutes before the competition begins, but the pair began their own preparations months ago. Training began almost immediately after they won gold medals at SwissSkills 2018. Both have been training every week since Christmas, gradually ramping up the time spent. They focused solely on preparing in the final few weeks before departure. Both contestants have dedicated between 800 and 1,000 hours to preparing for the WorldSkills event.

Encouraging future talent is a real priority for RUAG. Apprentices make up roughly 8% of the Swiss workforce. RUAG is the only Swiss company to have been represented at WorldSkills for six consecutive years: we have already provided eight contestants. Training represents an investment in the company's future, because our staff are the cornerstone of our success. That is why RUAG has dedicated training centres with full-time vocational trainers.

RUAG Swiss Selection team

RUAG came up with the idea of the Swiss Selection team ten years ago: creating a platform to coach talented young professionals for the WorldSkills Competition. The highest achievers in the RUAG Swiss Selection team enter the SwissSkills contest for young professionals. If they do well, they will go on to compete at WorldSkills.

Behind the scenes at RUAG

The Talents Days held at nine Swiss sites at the end of October are an opportunity for anyone interested in a RUAG apprenticeship to learn more about the 13 occupational training options on offer. Pupils, parents, friends and anyone else with an interest in vocational training are all welcome. For more information, visit https://talentsday.ruag.com/de