• 16.06.2016
  • Group
  • Media release

RUAG invests in IT security and defends itself against unfounded accusations

RUAG rejects all accusations that the technology group failed to utilize the indicators from MELANI, the Reporting and Analysis Centre for Information Assurance, in the company's security systems. RUAG has always used the information from MELANI to examine its systems immediately. RUAG is aware of the increasing significance of IT security, and is investing more in its own IT security systems and the area of cyber security...

RUAG's IT systems are automated and are regularly scanned for malware. Owing to recent events (see the media release of 12 May 2016 *), RUAG has reviewed its processes and systems and is continuing to invest in strengthening its IT security. Over the next two years, RUAG is to spend a double-digit million sum in Swiss francs on the long-term security of its in-house systems.

The attack on the RUAG network has reinforced the Group's view that cyber-security will play an increasingly important role for its customers. Accordingly, RUAG plans to expand its Cyber Security business area more quickly and invest several million Swiss francs over the next few years. This will also create jobs both in Switzerland and abroad.