• 17.12.2015
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RUAG nominates 21 apprentices for the RUAG Swiss Selection Team

RUAG has nominated a total of 21 apprentices for its Swiss Selection Team. The talented young employees want to qualify for the Swiss skills championships next year and for World Skills in Abu Dhabi in 2017. The nominees are aiming high: They intend to win at least one medal in every discipline at the championships....

In early December, 21 RUAG apprentices from all over Switzerland met up at the Stade de Suisse in Berne. They had all been nominated for the RUAG Swiss Selection Team due to their outstanding performance and marks. At the first meeting at the start of December, Fredy Bickel, Head of Sport at BSC Young Boys, also held a speech. He told the talented young trainees about the importance of team composition and a shared desire in achieving an ambitious goal. After posing for a group photo, the apprentices described their expectations of the upcoming championships to their teammates during the evening meal. 

The talented young people are aiming high: They want to win at least one medal in each discipline at the Swiss skills championships. And at World Skills in Abu Dhabi, at least one RUAG apprentice should make it onto the podium. Adrian Heer, Head of Vocational Training at RUAG, attaches great importance to passion, identification and commitment: "Each individual's main objective should be to get to World Skills in Abu Dhabi in 2017. We are therefore putting a lot of energy into our preparations."

The members of the RUAG Swiss Selection Team are permitted 40 hours of preparation time by their employer. They will also invest another 40 hours of their own time. RUAG founded the Swiss Selection Team in 2007 to prepare particularly ambitious young professionals together as a team for the regional, national and international championships. In 2015 RUAG's apprentices took part in World Skills for the fourth time in succession.  

Training the next generation of employees is a high priority for the international technology group. RUAG provides apprenticeships in 15 professions for some 350 trainees in Switzerland. This equates to around 8 percent of the Swiss workforce. 90 percent of the vocational trainers are also examination experts. This ensures they can prepare the trainees specifically for the specialist knowledge and skills required in the examinations.