• 29.01.2015
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RUAG sites at Hombrechtikon, Mägenwil and Brunnen to be concentrated in Zurich and Thun regions in medium term

To strengthen the position of the RUAG Defence division, the majority of activities at the three sites Hombrechtikon, Mägenwil and Brunnen will be concentrated in the Zurich and Thun regions. Hombrechtikon and Mägenwil, which employ about 35 and 15 people respectively, will be transferred to the Zurich region at the end of 2015. Most activities at the Brunnen site, which has a workforce of around 110, will be transferred to the Zurich and Thun regions in the first half of 2017. ...

The entire workforce will continue to be employed at the new locations. No redundancies are planned.

By concentrating its activities in the Thun and Zurich regions, the RUAG Defence division is seeking to further strengthen its market position. It wants to be able to respond faster and more efficiently to customer needs in connection with the Swiss Armed Forces development programme (WEA). The concentration process relates to the two business units Simulation & Training (simulation systems for live and virtual training) and NEO Services (integration and operation of information, communication and control systems).

The maintenance activities of the Simulation & Training business unit in Brunnen will be transferred to the RUAG Defence industrial and logistics centre in Thun. Proximity to the Berne site, where the engineering activities of Simulation & Training are located, will facilitate the transfer of knowledge from maintenance activities to product development. The operations of the NEO Services business unit in Hombrechtikon, Mägenwil and Brunnen will be merged with other areas of the business unit that are primarily concentrated on Zurich. At the Emmen site, too, the move will enable synergies from certain operations to be exploited together with RUAG Aviation. In the Zurich region, this concentration process will create a centre of excellence within the Defence division for control systems, reconnaissance and tactical communication.

Long-term planning will enable everyone affected to properly prepare for and implement the transfers to the new locations and to exploit the opportunities they will create.  All existing personnel will continue to be employed at the new locations. These business changes do not entail any redundancies. Employees and employee representatives were informed of the transfers in advance. In the next few weeks, personal talks will be held so that the new job opportunities can be explained to all employees affected and future action agreed.