• 24.10.2017
  • Space
  • Media release

RUAG Space adapts organizational structure to reflect product orientation

RUAG Space is newly organized into three major product groups – to mirror its strong focus on customers and products. The division is making this move to proactively address new requirements in the evolving space market, particularly within the commercial segment. This will allow RUAG Space to continue its growth trajectory of recent years: Revenue and the volume of orders have been increasing - with RUAG Space currently employing 1,360 people at 13 sites. ...

With production sites in six countries, RUAG Space is a leading supplier of products for the space industry in Europe and the United States. It is also one of the most internationally diverse divisions at RUAG. Until recently, each national entity developed and marketed its own portfolio of products. However, with this new structure, customers will enjoy even better access to RUAG Space products: The company’s portfolio will no longer be organized by country, but instead by global product groups.

  • The Electronics product group consists of electronics products for satellites and launch vehicles; examples include computer systems, navigation receivers, microwave technology and antennas.
  • The Spacecraft product group is comprised of mechanical products for the construction of satellites; examples include composite structures, mechanisms for rotating solar panels or pointing propulsion systems, and thermal insulation.
  • The Launchers product group encompasses mechanical products for launch vehicles; examples include payload fairings, interstage adapters, and separation systems.

Product groups: Oriented towards customers

The groups are designed to assemble the products that appeal to the same or similar segment of customers. Their focus will be on research & development, and marketing & sales. All three product groups are truly international, spanning across multiple sites in Europe and the United States. The national legal entities will persist, but with a focus on operations – and not marketing of the portfolio. All country managers will now report to the Senior Vice President of Operations.

The majority of approximately 1,360 RUAG Space employees will not be affected by the new structure, as RUAG Space retains its successful strategy of relying on entrepreneurial cells (with up to 200 employees). These core entities of the company will remain untouched.

Continuing to grow

Dr. Peter Guggenbach, CEO Space Division: “Organizing our company by product groups allows us to bring the technological progress and the market even closer together. With an emphasis on our customers’ needs, we want to access further areas of business and continue to grow. At the same time, operational excellence will gain even more weight: We’d like to set the pace for efficiency and price in the space market.”

The new product groups will be led by Mats Warstedt (Electronics; previously Senior Vice President RUAG Space Sweden), Jörgen Remmelg (Spacecraft; previously General Manager of the Linköping site) and Dr. Holger Wentscher (Launchers, previously SVP RUAG Space Switzerland). Luis de Leon Chardel joined RUAG Space in mid-October as SVP Operations. In addition, the management team led by Dr. Peter Guggenbach continues to feature the following positions and people: Human Resources (Björn Axelsson), Marketing & Sales (Dr. Axel Roenneke), Research & Development (Michael Pavloff), Communications (Nike Möhle), External Relations (Daniel Fürst), and Finance (vacant).

The new organizational structure will officially take effect on 1 January 2018. However, a transitional phase to the new structure began on October 1, 2017. The intentions of this phase is to establish the changing reporting lines and allow planning for 2018 in the new set-up. However, the annual accounts for 2017 will be handled in accordance with the previous structure.


Nike Möhle
Vice President Communications
M: nike.moehle@ruag.com
T: +41 44 306 27 78