• 27.06.2017
  • Space
  • Media release

RUAG Space Sweden opens new facility in Linköping and doubles its onsite capacity

RUAG Space continues to grow: An increase in orders requires more design and manufacturing capacity, and will see additional hires going forward....

Linköping, Sweden, 27 June 2017 – Today, RUAG Space inaugurated its new production facility in Linköping in Sweden. Among the guests were Olle Norberg (Director General of the Swedish National Space Board) and Elisabeth Nilsson (Country Governor for Östergötland) as well as further representatives from the space industry, politics and media. This expansion doubles the company's capacity in Linköping and meets a strong order volume, both in the commercial and institutional market. With the expanded floor space and state-of-the-art infrastructure, lead time shall be reduced by an additional 30% in the next five years. 

The high bay facility stretches over 4000 m2, and will be a core element in RUAG Space’s manufacturing process for launcher adapters, dispensers and satellite separation systems. RUAG Space is a market leader in this segment, with its products flying on most European and American launchers.

On the latest Ariane 5 flight for example, RUAG Space provided an enhanced, 50% lighter version of its renowned payload adapter system, optimized for new all-electrical satellites. For the global constellation OneWeb, dispensers from Linköping will bring a total of 32 satellites per launch into orbit. Furthermore, the site in Linköping delivers sounding rocket guidance systems – with both NASA and ESA relying on these advanced RUAG Space technologies.

Jörgen Remmelg, General Manager of RUAG Space in Linköping, commented: ”In today’s growing and fast-paced space market, our customers have even higher expectations – in terms of efficient processes and flexible delivery. Having started construction only a year ago, we can now present a tailor made space factory with all new infrastructure that is fundamental for our continued development in Linköping. We are for sure ready to take on new business with this additional capability – contributing critical products to European and US space missions.”

Overall, RUAG Space  employs around 500 staff in Sweden, thereof 100 in Linköping. The Swedish headquarters are in Gothenburg, which specializes in the design and manufacturing of digital electronics, microwave electronics and antennas.

Jörgen Remmelg (right) from RUAG Space during a tour through the RUAG Space facilities in Linköping.

Elisabeth Nilsson (Country Governor for Östergötland) and Olle Norberg (Director General of the Swedish National Space Board) during the ribbon cutting.