• 17.03.2021
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South Korean satellite uses navigation receiver from RUAG Space

On Saturday, 20 March, a South Korean Earth Observation satellite will be sent to space. A navigation receiver from RUAG Space’s latest generation of GNSS receivers will determine the satellite’s position in orbit. ...

On 20 March 2021 an Earth Observation satellite from South Korea’s space agency KARI (Korea Aerospace Research Institute) will be sent to space. The satellite will take high-resolution pictures of the Earth. The highly precise single frequency Low Earth Orbit GNSS receiver, from the new generation of the GNSS receiver family from RUAG Space, will determine the position of the satellite in orbit. “This will be the first flight of our new navigation receiver called LEORIX, which can process both, signals from the U.S. navigation system GPS and the European system Galileo,” says Anders Linder, Senior Vice President Electronics at RUAG Space, a leading supplier to the space industry. “We constantly invest in new technologies in order to continue providing a leading product. The many orders from customers worldwide show how they appreciate that,” he adds.

More than 80 RUAG Space receivers ordered

In total, more than 80 RUAG Space receivers of the latest generation (LEORIX for Low Earth Orbit, GEORIX Geostationary Orbit and PODRIX) have been ordered by customers in Asia, Europe, Middle East and the USA so far. They will be launched for different Low- and Geostationary Earth Orbit missions within the next few months and years. Currently 22 navigation receivers from RUAG Space are in orbit. The satellite CAS-500-1 will be launched aboard a Russian Soyuz-2 launch vehicle from the spaceport in Baikonur, Kazakhstan. 

Further South Korea mission will fly with a RUAG Space GNSS receiver

After the launch of “CAS-500-1” South Korea plans to send the “CAS500-2” satellite to space. A launch date of this second mission is not yet defined. Also the South Korean “CAS500-2” mission will fly with a LEORIX receiver from RUAG Space. The satellite builder KAI (Korea Aerospace Industries) already received the space-borne navigation receiver.  

About RUAG Space: RUAG Space is the leading supplier to the space industry in Europe, and has a growing presence in the United States. In total, RUAG Space has about 1,300 employees across six countries. RUAG Space develops and manufactures products for satellites and launch vehicles—playing a key role both in the institutional and commercial space market. RUAG Space is part of RUAG International, a Swiss technology group focusing on the aerospace industry. Visit www.ruag.com/space, or view our RUAG Space product portfolio video: https://youtu.be/qNbSjUdlXxQ

More about RUAG Space’s GNSS receiver products: www.ruag.com/navigation

More about electronic products from RUAG Space: https://www.ruag.com/en/products-services/space/electronics

More about CAS-500 satellites from South Korea: https://www.kari.re.kr/eng/sub03_02_03.do

Further information concerning the launch: http://gklaunch.ru/en/


Picture 1: The South Korean satellite will take high-resolution pictures of the Earth. Copyright: KARI. Download: http://gklaunch.ru/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/kari-cas-2.jpg

Picture 2: “Thanks to this new receiver family we can offer an even more precise determination of the satellite,” says Anders Linder, Senior Vice President Electronics at RUAG Space. Copyright: RUAG Space, Peter Nilsson. Download: https://www.ruag.com/system/files/media_document/2020-11/Anders%20Linder_Copyright%20RUAG%20Space_Peter%20Nilsson.jpg

Picture 3: RUAG Space is leading the European market for GNSS receivers and has a high market share in USA and Asia. Copyright: RUAG Space, Noe Flum. Download: https://www.ruag.com/sites/default/files/media_document/2020-05/Navigation%20receiver_01_landscape.jpg

Picture 4: Low Earth Orbit GNSS receiver LEORIX from RUAG Space. Copyright RUAG Space. Download: https://www.ruag.com/system/files/media_document/2019-04/Picture%202%20Navigation%20Receiver%20LEORIX%20Copyright%20RUAG%20Space.png


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