• 09.04.2019
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Swiss Armed Forces use RUAG telephony solution

Berne, April 2019 – RUAG’s specially developed TTEL telephony solution is to be used in the future as part of the key ICT Voice System of the Armed Forces (VSdA) project. This is an autonomous, tactical and independently operated communication system that enables secure voice communication and thus guarantees command capability. The contract strengthens RUAG’s position as a strategic technology partner of the Swiss Armed Forces. ...

By means of the Voice System of the Armed Forces (VSdA) project, the Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport (DDPS) aims to support the Swiss Armed Forces’ command capability in all situations. The project also involves the procurement of a secure, militia-compatible telephony solution for a dedicated group of users.

The decision has been taken to deploy RUAG’s TTEL telephony solution. TTEL enables users to set up and operate a telephony system with a decentralised directory. In this way RUAG’s supports users’ mobility and guarantees the greatest possible security of their communication activities. Thanks to TTEL, all users, regardless of their physical location, can be reached permanently on a secure line. In addition to developing the TTEL software application, RUAG will take care of installation and maintenance.

The DDPS’s decision in favour of RUAG’s solution demonstrates once again that the company has established itself as a strategic technology partner of the Swiss Armed Forces.

Further information on the product can be obtained from Michael Bigler, Senior Manager Communication Technology, michael.bigler@ruag.com / +41 79 211 85 63

For further information on RUAG MRO Switzerland, please contact David Steiner, Director Marketing & Communincation, david.steiner@ruag.com / +41 79 593 25 56