Improve operational flexibility. Control performance dynamics with an experienced technology partner....

Effective strategic UAS missions rely on a dynamic mix of outstanding technology and future-oriented development. Trust an innovative partner, serving innovative solutions.

Secure solutions for enhanced operational flexibility from a confirmed Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) technology partner. We successfully developed solutions for the proven  Ranger UAS – the first UAS to be approved for flight over populated areas.

You benefit from the know-how and expertise which developed UAS solutions including the skid landing system, the first catapult launcher with a fully closed oil/gas system, the DC4 self-contained, compact and manoeuvrable independent launcher,  and the laser-controlled OPATS (Object Position and Tracking System) laser-based automatic UAS landing system.

Reliable and high quality life cycle support solutions for enhanced performance UAS continues to be a priority going forward. Dedicating resources to UAS technology development over the last 2 decades, we are committed to providing innovative support in the future.