Ground Support Equipment

Sustained support for aircraft readiness. Requisition innovative and reliable technology

Your assets need to be fully equipped and ready for take-off. Trust our Ground Support Equipment (GSE) to ensure readiness, safety and support for your specific deployment requirements.

Availability and readiness, at any time, are the crucial criteria by which you oversee your successful operations. Sustainable and effective aircraft or fleet management achieves these goals, requiring your fleet of aircraft and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) to be fully inspected, tested, transported, loaded, calibrated, programmed, modified and certified for active service. As a highly experienced and trusted support provider to the Swiss Air Force and other owners and operators, we fully understand these operational parameters and actively support you with GSE technology for your continued fleet management success.

You benefit from innovative and straightforward GSE solutions which are affordable and suited to your specific requirements, while guaranteeing safety, flexibility, reliability and availability. Services include inspection, testing, modifications, maintenance, repair, and overhaul, as well as the development of various GSE systems and their components.

GSE solutions include the following systems

- Jet Air Starter RST-90
- missim threat simulation testing solution
- OPATS UAS landing system
- High pressure gas and liquid systems
- Calibration of GSE tools
- DC-4 UAS launcher
- Airfield lighting and indicating systems
- Missile Loader Wing Stations
- Filling trolleys
- Gas-filling Vehicle
- Low Shock Release Unit