Highly fine-tuned ballistics and consistently outstanding accuracy at maximum range are the hallmark. Ammotec combines know-how for carrying out ballistic tests with the necessary knowledge of weapons and ammunition technology.

To guarantee absolute accuracy and reliability, test rigs with a wide range of configurations and shooting lane lengths ranging from 10 m to 500 m are available, comprehensively outfitted with equipment and highly specialised measuring systems. A Doppler radar measuring system with custom-developed software is used, for example, to measure the loss in velocity during the shot and to calculate the trajectory with these values. Furthermore, high-speed cameras are available to record the target ballistic aspects on various media (e.g. car tyres, glass panes, metal plates) as well as the exit ballistics after the muzzle. State-of-the-art firing, testing and laboratory facilities enable the performance of ballistic tests in line with CIP, NATO, the German Police Force technical guidelines, various technical requirements published by the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support, general customer and other specifications, as well as the testing of, among other things, gas pressure, velocity, accuracy and the determination of target ballistic effects such as energy release and fragmentation. For testing the tracer function, the 500 m track is equipped with special video technology.