Digitalisation helps to guarantee effective manufacturing at all RUAG Ammotec sites....

Digital engineering can significantly speed up standard tasks. Powerful IT solutions are used to process and analyse the large quantities of data in the bullet database. For lean processes and high quality, the status quo is questioned and, particularly in the context of digitalisation, also completely reimagined. In order to promote agility and increase innovativeness, Ammotec employees at all sites and in all business units are working on a wide variety of projects that have led to a digital transformation over the years.

The vision within manufacturing is to develop solutions for autonomous manufacturing and the integration of novel digital business models. The goal is to increase the flexibility and adaptivity of production facilities and systems in the context of global trends. Furthermore, the development of self-describing, self-organising, self-operating and self-optimising systems is also striven for. To achieve these goals, relevant technologies will be further developed to achieve modular, autonomous, and where necessary, autonomous and independently interacting production systems.