Next Generation Ammunition

Political trends and requirements drive technological progress just as much as digitalisation or generational change. RUAG Ammotec takes advantage of these drivers as an opportunity to rethink the status quo. ...

Over 40 years ago, RUAG Ammotec developed the first heavy metal-free and lead-free primer composition SINTOX. The company now offers products with lead-free bullets and heavy metal-free primers for military, law enforcement, and hunting applications, as well as the first entirely lead-free rimfire cartridge on the market, the .22 LR.

In addition to sustainability and environmental compatibility, Ammotec also focuses on the traceability of ammunition. This aspect is in demand for hunting and tracking as well as for military/law enforcement use, for example in order to mark and track a target. Safety bullets, which contain a minimal amount of explosive but can still be used as penetrating projectiles, offer a great advantage – particularly for transport – which also plays a role in weight-reduced ammunition.

Alternative manufacturing methods such as additive manufacturing (3D printing) are used in the production of ammunition components and weapon components, thereby allowing a specific terminal ballistic effect to be achieved by the projectile body, which can be varied. In addition to continuous research and development of the core products, the know-how gained is also transferred to other areas of application. Pyrotechnic separators, for example, serve as an emergency shutdown mechanism for batteries, and are reliable and functionally safe.

Handling and functional safety, precision and environmental compatibility are the top priorities. Ammotec stakes this claim both for the manufacturing and use of its products.