The production of ammunition at all RUAG Ammotec facilities requires the handling of explosives. This applies in particular to the production of primers and other high-energy products at RUAG Ammotec's Fürth site. These products utilise primer substances, which consist mainly of primary explosives, substances that are highly sensitive and volatile. In addition to these classes of substances, pyrotechnic mixtures and propellant powders in particular are used widely in production at RUAG Ammotec....

The manufacturing, storage and processing of explosives requires extreme safety management, consisting of a legally compliant, watertight safety management system, a multitude of diverse safety measures and a comprehensive basis of safety and work instructions.

Building clearances and construction methods comply with locally applicable legal requirements. In Germany, this comprises the Explosives Act (Sprengstoffgesetz) and the professional association requirements based on it. All equipment and machinery are specially designed for the processing of explosives, and all premises and buildings are authorised for their specific uses and permissible quantity of explosives. These measures reliably prevent transmission between rooms or even buildings in the event of an incident, thus achieving the maximum level of safety. Protective distances separating the facilities from surrounding buildings and public areas are of particular importance in these safety considerations.

As a hazardous incident facility, the explosives-producing plant in Fürth is also required to maintain an alarm and hazard prevention plan (AGAP). Explosives and occupational safety are laid down in this plan. Among other things, it contains all the safety-relevant information on objects located on site, contact persons of the safety management system, and the protective measures taken, and serves as a basis for further protective measures for the Office of Civil Protection.