The fascination of dynamics

The Rottweil history dates back to the 15th century, deriving its brand name from the former shotshell production location in Germany’s Black Forest region. Rottweil offers a wide selection of shotshells for both game and range applications.

A shotgun requires a complex combination of fast physical and mental adjustments. Decision must be made in a split-second to ensure the game is hit cleanly.

To guarantee this performance in shotshell production, everything from the powder to the pellets, must be perfectly balanced and experience, research and dedication are required to obtain this unique combination of range, pattern and power. Rottweil shotshells offer all of this and more: Carefully selected components and excellent quality control ensure that Rottweil shotgun cartridges not only perform, but perform safely!

If you want to make a day’s shooting memorable, give yourself the edge – use Rottweil.