Products for further industrial manufacturing (B2B products)

RUAG Ammotec manufactures a wide range of products, which are used by other manufacturing companies....

Apart from components for small calibre ammunition there are mainly primers for medium and large calibre ammunition, propellants as well as pyrotechnical compositions that are mostly used in the automotive industry. In addition, industrial cartridge ammunition (similar to blank ammunition) is developed and produced for use in system applications, e.g. powder actuated tools used in the fastening industry or stunning devices for animal slaughtering.

In all these areas the development of products takes place in close cooperation with industrial enterprises. RUAG Ammotec’s strength lies in its ability to adjust products to satisfy specific customer requirements. The industrial products of RUAG Ammotec are not only standard or mass-produced articles but are also customised solutions, which meet the highest requirements imposed on products and systems of the ammunition industry, fastening technology, automotive industry and many other sectors.