Ammunition for Armed Forces: 5.56 x 45/ 7.62 x 51/ 12.7 x 99

For NATO it is decisive to ensure that the member states can exchange ammunition which guarantees a minimum of reliability and constancy. While high demands are imposed on the ammunition, RUAG always strives to clearly surpass the specified quality....

To achieve this, the company relies on most modern production equipment and solid know-how accumulated over many years. Thanks to the high vertical integration and a very advanced Quality Management System these products set benchmarks.

5.56 x 45

Especially designed for fully and semiautomatic weapons, RUAG provides high-performance 5.56 x 45 infantry cartridges with high penetration on armored targets over a longer range (300 m). Our products outperform NATO requirements concerning accuracy and are according to the multi caliber manual of proof and inspection (MCMOPI).

7.62 x 51

The product range includes versatile solutions for machine-gun shooters and designated marksmen. Modern warfare has shown, that the current operations call for increased power and accuracy under extreme conditions. The calibre 7.62 x 51 enables effective operative ranges of more than half a kilometre, thanks to the excellent precision and penetration capacity of RUAG ammunition.

12.7 x 99

The wellproven NATO calibre 12.7 x 99 for heavy machine guns enables operative ranges which clearly exceed those achieved with conventional rifle calibres. In modern warfare shots at long distances mean a higher safety for the shooter. This, however, calls for special ammunition.

12.7 x 99 Short Range

RUAG's Short Range Technology significantly reduces the required safe zones in training.

Lead Free Ammunition

Lead Free Ammunition

Lead Free Ammunition

RUAG Ammotec is constantly expanding its range of low-pollutant small-calibre rounds across the entire spectrum of applications. Lead free ammunition relies on primers free of heavy metals, optimally laid out propellants and bullets completely without lead. Thanks to this it is possible to reduce the pollution with harmful substances to a minimum for both shooters and the environment. It allows for intensive training even in closed rooms. Contact us for more information on our lead free product range.