Hand Grenade

A hand grenade is expected to meet several and partly contradictory requirements at the same time. A high effect is wanted, but only in a clearly defined and restricted area. Apart from this, the fuse must work reliably, but be so safe, the operator is never exposed to a danger....

The complete top-grade product line of hand grenades satisfies those and further demands perfectly for armed forces now and in future. The RUAG hand grenade exceeds highest safety standards regarding transport, storage and combat. The hand grenades of RUAG have been used by armed forces all over the world for many years.


  • outstanding effect, but also perfect safety features;
  • ease of handling;
  • complete product line (different types of practice, offensive and defensive grenades);
  • pyrotechnical ignition chain is only started after the safety pin has been pulled and the hand grenade left the hand.