Public Safety Communication - RUAG AQUILA

Digital transformation is influencing the issue of security and real-time data is becoming increasingly important. In order to continue to fully protect the people of Switzerland in future, RUAG AQUILA is providing rescue and security organisations with fast, straightforward and interoperable real-time solutions – ensuring maximum security as a result.

Security – through in-depth expertise

RUAG MRO Switzerland is Switzerland's specialist in POLYCOM and has been an expert in integration with regard to intelligent, interoperable and modular communications solutions for 15 years now. The RUAG specialists understand technology requirements, both new and old, and the relationships between the Confederation, cantons and various organisations.

Security – through POLYCOM expertise

As a certified POLYCOM expert, RUAG MRO Switzerland guarantees maximum security. Tailored solutions allow for intuitive and user-friendly operation coupled with excellent cost and time efficiency. We support your products and systems throughout their entire life cycle.

Security – through intelligent 360° protection

RUAG AQUILA offers intelligent location networking systems for command support. With information from all relevant sources – from the weather station to social media channels – a 360° view of situations can be provided. This approach allows for operators to make an assessment of the respective situation in real time. Team leaders can submit an in-depth assessment and successfully coordinate deployments in good time – with the aim of protecting lives.