Military operations or emergency situations require immediate coordination between organisations and units. Rapid integration of various communication applications is critical to success.

Radio Bridge

Integrated Deployment of Voice Radio for Tactical Communication

Radio telephony continues to be the primary control resource that is used in the field of tactical communication. RUAG ARANEA Radio Bridge offers seamless integration of radio telephony solutions into a tactical network. The solution is easy to operate and to adapt to quickly changing requirements.

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Secure Tactical Messaging – TMSG

Integrated Deployment of Messaging for Tactical Communication

Text message and chat applications are being used more and more on tactical networks as a valuable supplement to voice communication. RUAG ARANEA Secure Tactical Messaging TMSG provides a highly available, secure and scalable communications solution for exchanging text messages and files.

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Tactical Telephony TTEL

Resilient telephony Solutions for All-IP tactical networks

RUAG ARANEA Tactical Telephony (TTEL) enables users to build and easily operate a distributed telephony system, with a decentralised directory to support full user mobility.

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