Clearswift Cyber Security Solutions

Clearswift integrated cyber security solutions wrap an adaptive and unprecedented layer of protection around email, web and endpoint collaboration. Critical information is tracked, traced and secured in real-time to ensure compliance with the most stringent regulations, while preventing advanced cyber attacks and the accidental loss of confidential information....


Clearswift’s cyber security solution: At the core of its adaptive security layer is its unparalleled layer of cyber inspection, sanitisation and threat prevention. This bolts onto an organisation's existing security infrastructure to extend beyond its perimeter and provides the agile defence needed to future-proof protection from unknown threats.

Threat Protection

Morph-free protection of malware, ransomware and phishing attacks. Signature-less sanitization completely removes malicious scripts and weaponised payloads while preventing future variants from evading detection.

Deep Content Inspection

Protect against zero-hour threats and data breaches with the industry’s deepest level of real-time inspection. Recursive decomposition and sub-file detection completely dissembles digital activity into its most granular parts, ensuring full inspection without evasion, delays or false positives.

Comprehensive Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

DLP functionality includes full lexical analysis, regular expression matching, key word and phrase lists as well as built in tokens including: credit cards, bank details and social security numbers from around the world.

Advanced functionality

Clearswift’s unique Adaptive Redaction (AR) functionality enables automated and consistent content modification to fit policy and includes Data Redaction, Document Sanitisation and Structural Sanitisation to protect against the latest information-borne threats. Adaptive DLP is created by augmenting DLP with AR functionality. Distributed Operational Management capabilities and integration into Security Incident Event Management (SIEM) solutions minimises operational cost.



Clearswift email security solutions provide advanced protection both inside and across the organization boundary. Fully integrated anti-virus, anti-spam, DLP and threat prevention provides the highest levels of email security without delays.

SECURE Email Gateway

Award winning email security solution with fully automated updates to protect against malware and anti-spam. Automated encryption (TLS, S/MIME / PGP and ad hoc password) with Adaptive DLP functionality. On-premise, appliance, software, virtual and cloud based deployment options.

SECURE Exchange Gateway

Enables internal Adaptive DLP polices to be enforced, including AR functionality. Protecting information from leaking or inadvertent sharing inside the organization.

ARgon for Email

Gateway agnostic email Adaptive DLP and threat prevention solution with default AR policies. Augments any existing email gateway solution without the need to rip and replace an IT infrastructure.


Clearswift web security solutions provide full protection to an organization and its employees who access and share critical information over the Internet. Integrated anti-virus and URL filtering coupled together with real-time categorizer and out-ofthe- box policies for cloud collaboration and social networking ensure that the web is safe to use. Adaptive DLP with AR protects against ransomware as well as malicious and accidental data loss.

SECURE Web Gateway

Full proxy solution with both HTTP and HHTP/S inspection. Integrated anti-virus and URL filtering. Bi-directional support ensures that the organization and its information remains safe from both file uploads and downloads. Support for remote users with a remote client option, ensuring policies are enforced even if the user is offsite.


Integrated solution for use with existing web proxies which support the ICAP interface, including partnerships with Blue Coat and F5 Networks. The solution can be used with both forward and reverse proxies to enable protection of the corporate website as well as safeguarding employees. Fully integrated Adaptive DLP functionality to ensure critical information remains safe from unauthorized access.


Clearswift’s Critical Information Protection (CIP) solution brings advanced DLP to the endpoint. Full integration with the Clearswift gateways ensures that the same policy used to protect information in email or through the web can be used on the endpoint. Consistent policy ensures no weak links in the communication chain.

Data-At-Rest Discovery

Discovery of critical information on the endpoint whether on a local drive, network share or cloud drive is essential when managing risk by identifying which files would create an issue should they fall into unauthorized hands. Mitigation for those files which are found to contain critical information includes; deletion, move to a secure location and delete, encryption or simple notification.

Data-In-Use Control

CIP offers both granular control over devices attached to an endpoint as well as advanced DLP capabilities to ensure that critical information is protected from being copied to unauthorized devices. Devices can be controlled from read and write activities as well as enforcing encryption. location and delete, encryption or simple notification.


Clearswift’s Information Governance Server (IGS) offers advanced DLP based around unstructured information and classification. Fully integrated with the Clearswift Gateway solutions it offers unprecedented monitoring and control at both a file and sub-file level.

Information Registration & Classification

Users can register files with IGS manually or automatically with an appropriate classification. Should the file or part of the file be seen by one of the Clearswift gateways a proactive policy is applied. For example blocking the transmission and alerting the user who registered the document.

Information Track and Trace

Full audit and reporting can be used for compliance or after-the-fact forensic analysis with information provenance reports.