Every cartridge of the norma brand is based on a hundred years of industrial tradition and witnesses first-class workmanship. At present the company manufactures about 110 calibres of 300 various assembly types for hunting and target shooting. ...

Each and every cartridge of the unique and versatile norma product range meets the highest demands of reliabilty, precision and effectiveness that are placed on hunting ammunition worldwide. The high quality brand products stand out thanks to a hundred years of industrial tradition and excellent craftsmanship. “Oryx“, “Vulkan“ and “Alaska“ are three of the most proven and tested types of bullets, with which numerous calibres in the norma hunting product range are equipped, thus ensuring an excellent hunting success. The new Premium bullet range STRIKE with the bullets TIPSTRIKE and ECOSTRIKE contributes in some specific way to a safer hunt and a perfect ending.

In the field of sports competition shooters are well aware of the excellent precision of the brand products from Sweden. norma has achieved an ideal combination of maximum precision, low wind driftage and moderate recoil. Thus the high demands imposed on ammunition in the international gun disciplines are impressively met. The Diamond product line is the highlight of this successful development activity. The successes achieved in the 300 m shooting speak for themselves.

norma – dream, passion, pride!