The brand stems from the Rheinisch-Westfälischen Sprengstoff-Fabriken, which passed into the ownership of Dynamit Nobel in 1931 and then under the control of RUAG Ammotec. RWS cartridges have a long history of experience in the development and production, therefore it is not surprising, that their market launch has had an unparalleled success all over the world. Every hunter appreciates deeply the RWS brand and many Olympic victories in target shooting would not have been won without it. ...

RWS Rifle Cartridges

There is a good reason why RWS rifle cartridges are always the first choice. RWS is the only major manufacturer of rifle cartridges that offers hunting ammunition exclusively from its own production. State-of-the art manufacturing methods ensure excellent dimensional accuracy and a fine surface finish. The extraordinary precision and optimised trajectory of the bullets are impressive.

Many of the RWS employees are skilled hunters who practise hunting at home and abroad. Their valuable experience is always taken into account in the development process and influences every smallest detail of the production flow. This personal commitment is an important part of our fair hunting philosophy: at the crucial moment of firing the hunter can focus on the essential factors and always rely on the perfect effectiveness of the ammunition in accordance with best hunting principles.

RWS Rimfire Cartridges

The RWS rimfire cartridges are available for hunting and target shooting. They are mainly used for hunting small game, trapping and as a “cartridge for a closed season”. Numerous developers and engineers use their utmost care when composing the components of each cartridge, thus ensuring the invariably high quality of RWS products. The popular small arms cartridges are available in many different designs. And again: RWS offers the perfect loading and precision for each calibre.

In the competitive target shooting segment, RWS rimfire cartridges have already been a success for a long time and have helped to win Olympic medals. Athletes from numerous countries rely on the legendary performance of RWS cartridges. 600 of 600 rings, world records, Olympic victories and numerous medals at international competitions prove the top quality of the RWS R50 and R100 rimfire cartridges.

RWS Air Gun Pellets

RWS Match- and Meisterkugeln have an excellent reputation as leading top-quality products. Decades of experience in manufacturing air gun pellets are the key for this impressive technical advantage. Their high quality, constancy and reliability have ensured that many top athletes rely on RWS. Thanks to the unique precision of the air gun pellets, athletes who use the RWS Matchkugel R10 constantly achieve top positions at international competitions.

RWS – the ammunition counts!