Success in Sport

It is with good reason that many renowned and internationally successful marksmen trust in the ammunition of the RUAG brands. Our close collaboration with top athletes and experts allows us to continually extend and optimize our product range. Our developers and engineers draw on our many years of experience in the manufacturing of ammunition to consistently improve our products, securing our reputation as makers of internationally recognized top-of-the-line ammunition....

Success in competitive target shooting

Each target shooting discipline requires a high degree of concentration and body control, and demands absolute reliability and accuracy from the ammunition. Whether they are used in international competition or for hobby shooting, the brand name products by RWS®, Rottweil®, GECO® and Norma® fulfil all requirements of the discerning marksman. These brands also satisfy the demands of air gun, rimfire gun, and pistol enthusiasts as well as reloading, trap, skeet shooting and various other shooting courses.

One important aspect of our work is the consistent interaction with marksmen from around the world and active engagement with their wishes and suggestions. This interaction is crucial to our daily efforts toward precision in further optimizing our top ammunitions.

The highest possible accuracy is a must for all sport shooting: this applies equally to the air gun pellets and rimfire cartridges of the RWS brand, to the pistol and revolver ammunition of GECO, to the shotshell cartridges of Rottweil, and to rifle cartridges of RWS and Norma. All of them meet the high quality demands imposed on ammunition by international rifle and pistol shooting disciplines.

Ammunition for Winners

„Sport shooting takes place in your mind. Trusting your ammunition is just as important as trusting yourself and the people who produce the ammunition. This is why I have counted on the team at RWS for years now. The RWS R 50 is the best choice for me and my rifle.”

Daniel Brodmeier
Silver medal World Championship 2014
Gold medal World Cup Final 2014
Gold medal International Shooting Competition of Hannover 2016


„I have been shooting with RWS R10 Match air rifle pellets for years now because for me they are simply the best! High-precision work has top priority in production. Every production stage is subjected to strict qualityand testing requirements. I was able to see this for myself. I trust in R10 air rifle pellets. They helped me to Olympic victory. Thank you RWS!“

Alin Moldoveanu
Gold Medalist Olympic Games London 2012
Gold medal IWK Munich 2014


„One reason why I have been using RWS ammunition for years is the enormous reliability. I can always rely on my material 100%, and it has to be like that if you want to shoot at world championship level! The high accuracy is another reason why I have stuck with the RWS brand ever since the early days. I just simply know how the ammo “ticks”, and have the situation under control in all kinds of weather. Furthermore, I like to be able to use the RWS test firing range to select my personal favorite ammunition from the entire spectrum, that which perfectly matches my rifle. This is part of my optimized preparation for competitions."

Barbara Engleder
World Champion 2010
Gold Medalist Olympic Games Rio de Janeiro 2016