Sustainable Hunting

As a reliable partner for hunting, RUAG Ammotec presents a unique range of hunting ammunitions, consisting of such traditional brands as RWS®, Rottweil®, GECO® und Norma®. Hunters worldwide trust our sound experience in developing and manufacturing of accurate, reliable and fair hunting ammunition. ...

Since time immemorial, hunting has been an important part of rural culture and tradition as well as one of mankind’s oldest forms of land usage. Hunting and forestry influence game species and game populations and their habitats, but also have an effect on non-prey animal and plant species and their ecosystems. As an integral part of agriculture and forestry, hunting is a sustainable form of land use and should meet all modern requirements of environmental protection and nature conservation. Social expectations concerning the treatment and efficient use of our natural resources have changed considerably over the past decades. Flora and fauna are considered precious resources worthy of special protection. The fragility of our ecosystems demands great care in maintaining ecological balance and therefore a new understanding of the concept of hunting. Sustainability of hunting means that the use of these natural resources must be assured not only in the present but also to future generations.

Hunting makes an important contribution to the protection of ecosystems, as hunters are obliged to maintain healthy and biologically diverse wildlife populations and to protect their habitat. This also includes preventing damage done by wildlife and adjusting population sizes to specific environmental conditions. Wildlife and hunting also play a considerable economic role in rural areas, since land leasing and the sale of venison are still an important source of income in these regions.