Mobile Medical Container Systems

The containers are easy to transport and deployable in any terrain worldwide and allow easy setup within a few hours. All containers are manufactured in Switzerland and are CSC-approved. Our specialised technicians provide worldwide service and assistance....

Disinfection System

Humanitarian aid must be quick and effective. RUAG’s mobile disinfection system helps to combat hygiene problems and reduce the transmission of infectious diseases.

  • Suitable as military infrastructure, for peacebuilding activities, in the event of disasters, humanitarian aid, asylum and refugee centres, retirement and nursing homes
  • Autonomous deployment system consisting of 3 containers (disinfection, logistics and accessories) and external power generator
  • Great modularity and highly adaptable to various tasks (cleaning of mattresses, pillows, clothes, bed frames, wheelchairs, etc.)
  • Disinfection chamber with capacity of 3.2m3
  • Efficient disinfection (up to 15 mattresses in 45 minutes)
  • Complies with civilian standards for thermal disinfection and non-invasive and non-critical reusable medical devices

Sterilisation System

RUAG’s mobile sterilisation system ensures that medical facilities receive a sterile supply of equipment.

  • Autonomous deployment system consisting of four containers (washing / cleaning, sterilisation zone, storage area, dressing area & technical facilities)
  • Sterilisation chamber containing six sterilisation units with a capacity of 54 litres each and throughput of 12 sterilisation units/hour
  • Function-based division of zones within the building with separate ventilation systems
  • Air filtration that meets medical standards
  • Integrated supply systems (water treatment, compressed air supply, air-conditioning, electrical supply)
  • All cleaning and sterilization equipment is integrated into the containers