Gladiator - Modular Tactical Engagement Training System

The modular harness for effective training....

Identify, aim and fire. The target is hit in the arm and incapacitated. His unit rush to his aid but soon find themselves under sustained fire and the number of casualties is quickly rising. Luckily, the acoustic signals shows this to be a realistic but simulated training session. The wounded soldiers’ harnesses indicate the extent of their injuries and their geographical positions. This data is instantly relayed to the command centre and will be used to evaluate where the unit went wrong.

Gladiator can be extended in three modular stages, starting from the Basic variant. A high-tech and cost-effective harness for day-to-day training deployments. A new high-tech Swiss training system that has been developed for the realistic training of special units, the police and combat troops, from group to brigade level. It makes it possible to practice firing and movement within the widest possible variety of training scenarios in open and built-up terrain, without involving live ammunition.

The Gladiator laser system orchestrates the participants in exercises as well as their personal weapons together with additional equipment for training sessions. Depending upon the particular Gladiator version, functions are realized such as:

  • differentiated and graphic hit displays
  • vulnerability models
  • medical care
  • position-finding in terrain and within buildings
  • active intervention in exercises
  • positions
  • after action review

Keep your urban combat troops alert for the real threat of IED attacks. Adaptable and scalable for the realities of your tactical environments.