Fixed CTC

Live training forms an important part of modern forces’ preparations by providing them with high fidelity combat situations, and the pressures and challenges these bring. All providers of live training solutions are faced with the same problem, how to provide an effective training solution and avoid negative training experiences. Central to overcoming this problem is providing users with sensory immersion into a realistic environment that brings them face-to-face with the conditions of combat....

Key Features

  • Force-on-force simulation platform for training in open and urban terrain
  • Multi functional training system (basic to battalion training, low to high intensity, operation other than war)
  • Detailed after action analysis (all events, status and positions available)
  • Scalable player capacity, exercise area and exercise control station
  • Provides interaction of all types of weapons, direct and indirect fire weapons as well as mines and NBCR weapon systems
  • Online exercise control by uninterrupted live visualisation of all positions, status, tactical behaviour, fixed or mobile cameras
  • Shooting through windows, doors and walls: Through shots and fragment effect vary according to weapon and ammunition
  • Precise indoor location allows online position monitoring to within a few centimetres
  • Video surveillance systems with image, infrared and sound recordings
  • Tactical radio integration