Training Center Operation

RUAG training support includes: preparation of all exercise relevant pre-arrangements such as equipping, registering and instructing the trainees on the man-worn and vehicle simulation equipment. RUAG experts transform the training area into an instrumented battlefield in accordance with the customer requirements to ensure the greatest benefit for the user....

Full service support – one point of contact

Military training is complex and becoming increasingly technical oriented. Technical operation of complex installations such as training centers manned by skilled personnel, is often the only way to enable a trainee to concentrate on the core task, i.e. military training. The efficient operation of the training infrastructure is indispensable to the operation of the facility and the end benefit of the user. RUAG offers associated services before, during and after training, with one point of contact.

Training Support

RUAG Training Services includes: preparation of all relevant exercise pre-arrangements such as equipping, registration and instructing the trainees on the simulation equipment. RUAG experts transform the training area into an instrumented battlefield, in accordance with the customer requirements, so as to ensure the greatest benefit to the user. During training, RUAG operates all technical installations, provides recording for after action reviews (AAR's) and carries out field support if required. After training, RUAG takes charge of the simulation equipment, its maintenance, replacement/restocking and storage. This allows the military personnel to focus on their main task, i.e. military training.

Large experience in highly sophisticated live and virtual technology and simulators

As a manufacturer of simulators for live and virtual training, RUAG is familiar with the operation and support of such complex and technologically demanding equipment. RUAG guarantees operation around the clock and 365 days a year. The services we provide encompass the provision of all simulation equipment for soldiers, vehicles, effect simulators and instructions. During operation, RUAG supports the instructors in handling, recording and evaluating exercise events. Furthermore, RUAG services comprise maintenance and upgrades of equipment, buildings and training infrastructure. Services such as configuration management, software upgrades, documentation etc. complete RUAGs Full Service Support package.

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