Artillery Trainers

To enable a high standard of combat readiness and increase mission success, RUAG has developed an effective Crew Training Simulator (CTS). Its modular design allows system configurations for a wide range of applications depending on individual customer requirements. User-friendly instructor stations, comprehensive evaluation and debriefing facilities and individually developed exercises make the most efficient and target-oriented training possible....

The CTS uses state-of-the-art technology such as:

  • High-end multi-channel visual system
  • High fidelity digital sound system
  • Realistic visual database
  • High-performance computer environment
  • Modern, intuitive window based graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Computer Generated Forces (CGF)
  • Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS)
  • Voice/data communication system
  • Sophisticated built-in test equipment (BITE)
  • Networking capability
  • Platoon level: up to four CTS can be linked for platoon training
  • Squadron/company level: up to three platoons can be linked for combined training


Individual training
Train individual skills for each crew member

  • driver
  • gunner
  • commander

Deal with malfunctions as well as unforeseen and critical situations without risk
Night operation, operation in bad weather conditions and heavy combat environments

Crew training
Training of the crew’s collective automation process
Improve commander’s leadership, planning, decision-making, navigation and communications skills

Tactical training unit
Complete mission training at the following levels:

  • Platoon 
  • Company

Tactical exercises involving dismounted infantry group commanders and vehicle commanders

  • Train the tactical unit in an urban operation, military operation in open terrain and peace support mission where it is confronted with different situations and different levels of aggression
  • Train the unit commander’s mission planning procedures and tactical skills
  • Train the coordination and communication (voice and C4I) between the different tactical units
  • Train technical and tactical skills from individual up to combined arms tactical training in a mission preparation and rehearsal scenario