Vehicle Platform Trainers

Our Advanced Driver Training Simulator (ADTS) has a six axis electromechanical motion system that works in conjunction with a 3D visual system and professional sound equipment. It allows drivers of tracked and wheeled vehicles to perform complete training tasks in realistic environment and thus effectively improve their driving skills in urban and cross-country environments or military base areas....

Training with a simulator is more demanding:

  • lessons can be based on several exercises increasing in the level of difficulty (e.g. heavy traffic, bad weather, day/night, unforeseen situations)
  • training with a simulator reduces environmental impact
  • training with a simulator increases operational safety and proficiency
  • the training syllabus can be individually adapted to the trainee’s learning progress
  • flexible training solution for individual and combined driver training

Training objectives

Basic training

  • Familiarisation with the training simulator (technology of the simulator, etc.)
  • Familiarisation with the driver’s environment (controls & instrument panels in the cabin mock-up)
  • Correct handling and operation (e.g. start-up and shut-down procedures, knowledge and use of controls & instrument panels)
  • Familiarisation with the vehicle’s dimensions (width, length and height)
  • Manoeuvring

Advanced training

  • Respond correctly to specific vehicle malfunctions
  • Night driving and driving in bad weather conditions (rain, fog, snow and ice)
  • Gain a secure feeling for the vehicle in off-road driving on sand, rocky terrain, snow
  • Evaluate if terrain is passable (steep slopes, riverbeds, crossing ditches and obstacles)
  • Realistic off-road training
  • Driving in urban areas, on roads and highways, on snow and ice
  • Interacting with traffic
  • Prevent accidents and critical situations (avoiding collisions, safe distances and passing)
  • Driving over bridges and tank bridges
  • Driving with variable additional payload
  • Driving with night sight device


Tactical training

  • Training and improvement of tactical driving skills in a combat environment (closed hatch)
  • Use of terrain coverage
  • Driving under combat conditions
  • Driving in a convoy (individual training: convoy vehicles can be generated by the traffic control; team training, several simulators can be combined for tactical exercises)
  • Train formation, patrol and convoy trips
  • Handling critical situations and manoeuvres in convoy formation