Our Constructive software RUAG OSPREY covers the full range of command centre training needs whilst focusing on flexibility, accuracy and usability. The system immerses command centre staff in extensive and complex conflicts spread over 1000s of km2 and places up to 10,000 units at the trainee’s command....

Training of the Command Centre

  • RUAG provides the entire OSPREY Software suite and the necessary development and configuration
  • RUAG as a General Contractor provides interfaces of subsystems including the back to back contracts with the co-contractors of subsystems
  • RUAG provides the necessary Hardware Components
  • RUAG provides the Communication Solutions for the training centres
  • RUAG provides the Maintenance either by their own Service
  • points or by subcontractors in most countries of the world


RUAG OSPREY is able to support training of the following levels of command centres:

  • Company
  • Battalion
  • Brigade
  • Division

RUAG OSPREY also includes a comprehensive representation of every service, to train the entire command centre staff and to play combined arms operations.

Support for Complex Operations

RUAG OSPREY artificial intelligence engine accesses a library of behaviors and models that have been designed and validated, to specifically support functionalities for Military Operations asymmetric, irregular warfare) and MMOTW as well as Emergency-Crisis Management occurrences. These models and behaviors are autonomous but can be easily assembled according to the training purpose. New behavior libraries and models can be added and new missions can be specified and modified without affecting the core simulation.

Efficient Integration and Maintenance

RUAG OSPREY is a highly reliable simulation and has been running for periods up to two weeks non stop without a single failure. Neither a hardware specialist nor third party software licences are required to run and use it.