Providing training and practice for forward observers. Acquiring, maintaining and improving procedures for the control and application of artillery fires by all-arms artillery observation crews and forward observers.


Installed in a room, the simulator immerses the trainees in a very realistic battlefield environment with:

  • 200 to 300 km² areas representing accurately modelled geo-typical or real terrains (customer's choice) and infinite visibility and weather conditions setup
  • Fires and destruction effects
  • The creation of a soundscape reproducing the battlefield sounds
  • The GUI adapted to the language of the user
  • Observation/telemetry and processing shots simulated means reproducing the observers operational equipment
  • A CGF (Computer Generated Forces) for tactical simulation and animation of the battlefield (artificial intelligence)

General Configuration

The simulator is composed of:

  • Crew stations (up to 6)
  • An instructor station
  • Collective display (video-projection) and sound reproduction (stereo) devices