Robotics and unmanned ground vehicles

RUAG has the technology to make any vehicle semi-autonomous...

UGVs (unmanned ground vehicles) – also known as land robots – are used for protection or rescue duties in hazardous environments, or for the performance of frequently reoccurring, repetitive tasks. The context can be military as well as a civilian. UGVs are typically deployed for reconnaissance work, monitoring buildings and infrastructures, border surveillance, search and rescue missions and goods transport, as well as explosive ordnance disposal and mine clearance.

UGVs are a highly promising technology of the future. RUAG is researching, developing and investing in the UGV technology with the aim of gradually becoming a UGV competence centre for the Swiss Army and other security forces. RUAG is developing and delivering most of the UGV component groups in kit form. The kit is designed in such a way that it can be used with almost any vehicle.

The technology comes as a kit, enabling vehicle teleoperation and provides operators with the capability to conduct either manned or unmanned operations, depending on the situation and threat.