RUAG provides a range of various sized shelters, which can be used as high-tech command and control posts.
Some of these containers are designed to expand, thus providing a comfortable and efficient operational environment that is spacious, well-organized and ensures the safety of both personnel and equipment. When folded they become an ISO Standard 20-foot shelter.

The shelters are available with EMP-protection and are CSC approved.

NEMP protected shelter

NEMP (Nuclear Electro-Magnetic Pulse) protection for the safety of technical and electric equipment.

Our NEMP protected and EMC compatible shelters fulfil the presently so important high safety regulations for mobile high-tech equipment.

High interference protection wherever you are:

  • NEMP = nuclear electromagnetic pulse
  • EMC = electromagnetic compatibility

Efficient, cost-effective deployment of quality material, e.g. for radio control units, complex control systems or telecommunication units.

Advantages such as exchangeability of the used modules, the easy fitting of devices and the air circulation by a filter system warrant ideal use in the civilian and military field.

Available in the variants:

  • 1:1 with 12m² useful space
  • 1:2 with 24m² useful space

Possibility for EMC/NEMP superstructures on trucks and vans


  • ABC protection
  • Further options upon request

Expandable shelter

Expandable shelter 1:3 - unlimited modification possibilities on maximum space 

The expandable shelter 1:3 (ISO container 1C) is the solution for numerous mobile missions both in the civilian and military field.

Possibilities of use:

  • Unlimited mobility
  • User-friendly handling due to electric controls
  • Expanded, the total surface of 36m² can be used for individual interior furnishings, e.g.:
  • Conference room/presentation room
  • Kitchen, accommodation, exhibition room
  • Emergency accommodation, hospital equipment
  • Command shelter
  • Observation control system, e.g. for drones
  • Mobile use and transportable due to CSC Certificate (authorised for rail, road and ship transport) 

Can be used wherever you want: 

  • On level concrete, tarmac and gravel (with the aid of levelling supports)
  • Optimal working conditions due to insulated walls
  • Withstands ambient temperatures of -25°C to +50°C and can be used up to a height of 2000 m above sea level.


  • Air conditioning/heating
  • Further options upon request


Vehicle Superstructures

A variety of vehicle superstructures adapted to the individual requirements of the customer. 

Customer specific superstructures on all types of vehicles: 

  • Cars
  • Delivery vans
  • Trucks
  • Trailers

Various structure possibilities:

  • Skeleton structures
  • Radio installations
  • NEMP protected containers
  • Other containers and casings


Prototype design and series production of all kinds of container and vehicle fixtures

From the simplest to the most complex fixture, adapted to the particular use.

  • Work out customer specific solutions and concept drafts with CAD programmes in our own technical department
  • Specialised in proprietary development, construction and production of fixtures based on high-quality material
  • During the development phase important aspects of container and vehicle production such as statics, weight, quality and simplicity of the design in consideration of an optimal price/performance ratio are included and then implemented during production.


Our services:

  • Sample furnishing, prototype design and production, superstructures and interior furnishing/equipping of standard containers, flats and vehicles.
  • Design of mock-ups
  • Installation of container insulations / elements
  • Production and integration of complete interior furnishings for containers