Kodiak AEV

The Armoured Engineer Vehicle AEV-3 KODIAK is a multifunctional support vehicle, enabling combat engineers to successfully fulfil their manifold missions.

The vehicle concept is based on modifying surplus LEOPARD 2 MBT-chassis and consists of the following main features:

  • Excavator system with quick tool-change system for bucket, universal gripper, concrete cutter and earth-drill.
  • Excavator system with automatic vertical blade extension, adjustable cutting and tilting angles, max. width 4.02 m and scarifiers.
  • Two variable speed 9 t capstan winches with 200 m cable each.
  • Vehicle allows field reconfiguration with mine plough, electromagnetic detonator device and lane marking system.

Multiple cameras and vision enhancing systems allow efficient all-weather, day and night under armour operation. RUAG Defence is the general contractor in the Swiss Army procurement program for the AEV-3.